O’right Hair & Scalp Spa

July 01, 2017 | By Voila Salon



Get ready for something new! Now at Voila, you can experience a new and innovative service. Introducing the O’right Hair and Scalp Spa! We believe the health of your scalp is so important, because a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Using all natural O’right products, get luscious hair and a healthy scalp with products that are good for your body and green for the earth!

Services Include:

  • Scalp Treatment + Blow Dry (45 minutes— $50)
  • Hair Treatment + Blow Dry (45 minutes— $55)
  • Scalp + Hair Treatment + Blow Dry (1 hour— $75)
  • Add on service to haircut (15 minutes— $25 for scalp treatment, $30 for hair treatment)

Scalp Treatments:

  • Bamboo Anti-Grease Scalp Serum (>97% Natural Ingredients)— For moisture balance on all types of scalp
  • Hinoki Scalp Exfoliating Gel (>93% Natural Ingredients)— For removing scalp build-up

Hair Treatments

  • Bamboo Moisture Hair Treatment (>89.9% Natural Ingredients)— For normal, dehydrated hair
  • Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set (>80% Natural Ingredients)— For damaged hair
  • White Tea Hair Treatment Set (>80% Natural Ingredients)—For severely damaged hair

For more information about O’right, visit their website at