Our natural body treatments are designed to help you let go of stress, toxins and impurities so you leave feeling soft, silky and ready to face the world. Our facials refresh your appearance, leaving your skin smooth, cleansed and naturally beautiful.

spa treatments

Herbal Essence Exfoliating Treatment

This organic treatment gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it polished, refined and free from impurities.

one hour treatment from $58

Herbal Essence Body Wrap

Hot towels infused with pure herbal essences increase circulation, oxygen and nourishment to the body.

one hour treatment from $69

Purifying Seaweed Body Masque

With natural detoxification, this body masque reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and enhances the overall condition of your skin.

one hour treatment from $69

Caribbean Body Treatment

Indulge in a relaxing scalp massage and a full-body application of mango and cocoa butter moisturizer.

one and a quarter hour treatment from $98

massage services

Take a moment for yourself. Our massages are customized to your needs, so you leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

relaxation massage (30 mins) from $52
relaxation massage (1 hour) from $75


enrichment facial

Voila enrichment facials are distinguished by opening and closing rituals, facial, an extended lymphatic massage, foot scrub, foot massage, hand massage and a tension relieving scalp massage.

one and a half hour treatment from $100

ritual facial

Voila ritual facials are distinguished by opening and closing rituals, facial, hand massage and a tension relieving scalp massage.

one hour treatment from $70

specialty facial upgrades

green science corrective facial

Designed to prevent and correct imperfection in mature skin. Antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are used to lock in moisture.

+ $20

outer peace corrective facial

Improves the appearance of blemishes by controlling and fighting oil production, as well as cooling and soothing redness due to sensitivity.

+ $20

enbrightenment corrective facial

Improves the appearance of dark spots, age spots and superficial scaring while brightening the skin with the help of Vitamin C.

+ $20

tourmaline radiance preventative facial

Improves skin’s radiance from the inside out through deep exfoliation

+ $20


consultation (15 mins) complimentary
application from $46
lesson from $69

sunless tanning treatment

With the use of naturally derived fruit sugars, you will receive a beautiful golden tan with no effects of aging, wrinkling or streaking. This tan is applied perfectly through the art of airbrushing.

face from $17
half body from $29
full body from $52
(prices subject to consultation)